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Olivia Rosebery

Song of the Earth
Vocal Coach, Musician & Sound Healer
Song of the Earth is the creative nest of Olivia Rosebery, a musician, sound healer and vocal coach. Olivia inspires and shares a holistic and unique practice weaving together more than 15 years of singing experience, studies in sound and performance art, practices in sound healing and her passion for earth-based wisdom and philosophy.

Olivia’s unique holistic and integrative vocal practise appeals to those who wish to discover and develop their voices. An open method of learning, the Song of the Earth vocal practice helps students to break free of judgment, learning vocal awareness & techniques in a playful & sacred space. Sing with embodied passion, connection and joy and resonate your being with the healing & liberation of your voice."

“She walks a path of wild nature, entangled luscious ferns and vines..."

"Olivia shares her own songs with a strong soulful voice that evokes the spirit of the earth. Her warm resonant tones and lyrical melodies weave listeners back into the tapestry of nature. Her songs are a fusion of soul, jazz and tribal melodies inspired by her travels, studies in sound healing and meditation, and her unmistakable love for nature. Let her take you on a journey back into the wilderness of remembering."

My Artists Sessions

Friday, April 15

12:30 AEST