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Sacred Sonics is the pairing of beloveds Jemma Gawned and Christopher Mapstone; working in love, ceremony and bringing in transformative power via cacao ceremony and music.

The path to Sacred Sonics has been a spiritual journey for both:

Jemma’s love affair with cacao began in 2005, via London, Australia and South America - discovering the extraordinary benefits of this raw superfood and quitting sugar and refined food all together. The Raw-volution began, resulting in the incredible Naked Treaties business, healing and inspiring many.
At the same time, her personal practices developed and her connection the Shamanic path deepened (and continues to deepen). Through various ceremonies and working with the Spirit of the Cacao, as well as her deep love for Ancient wisdom, Tradition and the Shamanic path it began to become evident that holding ceremony with the Cacao plant medicine was the natural next step.

Singer /Songwriter Chris Mapstone (Canada) has been playing the guitar and writing lyrics for 11 years. As a world traveller Chris’s songs have been influenced by rich cultural and musical experiences, and his musical repertoire consists of playing the guitar, didgeridoo, percussion, harmonica, wooden flutes and singing. His lyrics reflect his passion and understanding for equality, freedom of speech, self-reflection, relationships, and the environment. Chris’s journey with music and self-discovery have very much been linked. It has been and continues to be a forever changing and expanding process - Chris believes that music is a very potent and strong spiritual practice, and if done with awareness and intention can have a profound effect on the performer and listeners included.

The Sacred Sonic experience thus brings together ancient traditions with modern music in a symbiotic merging of sound and ceremony, honouring all who have been, all who are and all who are yet to come. The combination is a powerful and transformative experience. Sacred Sonics pays deepest respects to ancient ritual while incorporating a modern approach, empowering the celebration of music and ceremony forward on a new path. Chris and Jemma truly believe in the power of co-creation and Sacred Sonics embodies this fully. Each individual who participates is as equally integral and equally honoured as the next and you are all most welcomed on this journey.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin xxx