Chip Richards

Chip Richards is an internationally published author, speaker and coach. A pioneer of human possibility with an insatiable passion for igniting the creative gifts and path of true purpose in others.
Formerly ranked #1 in the US for Freestyle Skiing, Chip’s Olympic dream took an unexpected turn at the age of 20 with a devastating injury at the peak of his competitive career. Accepting the hit as a ‘gift’, this setback lead Chip to a deeper calling as a coach, where he quickly rose to international prominence. Mentoring Olympic athletes from 6 nations, including 4 World Champions.
For the past 16 years Chip has followed his passion for the ‘expanded realms of human potential’ into a variety of business and creative industries. As a coach and consultant, Chip specializes in working with visionary projects that call for extraordinary levels of collaboration around a unified vision. With keen listening abilities and a gift for creating safe spaces for inspired conversations to occur, Chip has a passion for guiding groups and individuals into a state of true alignment, where new empowered actions emerge as a natural outcome of expanded sense of Being.
As a storyteller, Chip is the author of Amazon #1 best selling book, Writing the Story Within and has shared his keynote journey into, “Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life Story” as a speaker at TEDx and in various international programs and events. With love for family and the natural world, Chip carries a deep belief in the infinite potential within each individual and a passion for igniting the spark of true possibility in humanity.