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Daniel Eisenman

Daniel has a dream to get paid to do the things that he would pay to do and after galavanting the globe for the past decade along with hosting 30+ retreats and/or events based on the principles of raw honesty and the recontextualization of authentic communication, he is now traveling the world with his 'danasian' (danish/asian) wife who he met at one of his retreats, proving that it is indeed possible for anyone to tap into profound levels of freedom by 'BreakingNormal'... and even get paid to pursue their passion which is actually more beneficial to the world than the old and outdated paradigm of a wage-slave culture of following the norm.

"I'm beyond stoked to show you what you've been hiding from yourself to reveal the invaluable gifts tucked away in those shadows. Some could call me The Freedom Catalyst or Captain Obvious.” -Daniel