Frank Jay Porcaro

Frank Jay is an international speaker, transformational life coach, and entrepreneur. His expertise is in teaching others to embody self-confidence by developing a psychology and physiology that is resilient, energy rich and resourceful.

Frank Jay uses Nuero-Linguistics and movement techniques to create transformation in all areas; physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Frank Jay also brings an unrelenting enthusiasm as he has stunned audiences from across the word with his contagious energy, positive personality, and down-to-earth advice. His ability to relate to the audience with issues that are relevant to their lives is absolutely remarkable.

"I'm excited about offering you a creative way of thinking as well as simple techniques to gain clarity on your intentions, breakthrough the limiting beliefs & past-conditioning, and ignite the confidence that will drive you to follow through on your ideas." You deserve true fulfillment." -Frank Jay