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Ly De Angeles

Melbourne, Victoria
Ly de Angeles is an internationally recognised author winning awards for both her visionary fiction and short film. A scholar, initiate and mystic she has a varied and highly successful background producing and directing stage and street theatre and conducts private consultations with up-and-coming authors and screen writers. She reads Tarot and has conducted private, professional consultations for over three decades and in several countries. She occasionally teaches this. She is director of Full Story Productions and a qualified Iaido instructor. Most widely known for her book Witchcraft Theory and Practice (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2000) and the award-winning The Quickening (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2006), de Angeles was first published in 1987. Her full public works can be viewed here. Priteni is the outcome of over three decades of research. De Angeles is a native Brigantian. Her many free essays and short works can be read at https://deakin.academia.edu/lydeangeles. By far the majority of her fictional work is that of legend and lore, both of the seeming mist-shrouded past and the so-called far-flung future. Most work is written in the present tense. De Angeles moved from Byron Bay to Melbourne in 2012 for post graduate work in the arts at Deakin University and is currently working on a memoir, Bedknobs and Bastards.