Simon Richardson

Simon asserts the magic and uniqueness of the Byron Shire has not just happened by accident, rather it is the result of empowered, active and progressive community members over several decades.  Like many others, Simon feels he has a responsibility to ensure his  kids are able to live and thrive here

I am incredibly proud to be the Mayor of Byron Shire & I fully acknowledge that while I am committed to upholding Greens values I am also pragmatic about resolving challenges facing our community.

‘Byron’ is both an idea & a place. To the place, I wish to give care, compassion & intelligent enthusiasm. I want to ensure that our young can find work, move around & later, sustain families. I want to ensure our natural resources are managed with respect. I want any key infrastructure built to address climate change & increased pressures of population to be done so with the community in mind. Whether it is in ways in which we travel, or how we cope with rising sea levels, I will strive to ensure actions are taken for the benefit of our community and our environment & for our long term residents not yet born.

Byron is also an idea. It exists in the minds of our community & in the minds of people all over Australia & increasingly, all over the world. When people think of Byron, they have the idea of a place where the community understands the abundance that exists when the individual is willing to have less, so the community has more. This comes from working less and by volunteering more, by spending time in nature & with friends, rather than just spending. It is an idea that we care for everyone, not just those able to pay for it. It is an idea that difference is not just tolerated but fully accepted. From surfers, alternatives, gays and lesbians, to the homeless & political disenfranchised, the term, ‘Byron’ has conjured the idea of political, social & cultural maturity. It is an idea that we should seek to progress towards a sustainable future, brought about by new thinking & resplendent in local food, clean energy & innovative solutions to problems brought about from old thinking. When we represent ‘Byron’, we represent the symbol of Byron for all Australians. The biggest challenge is to continually try to breathe life into these ideas- that is my vision and goal.