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DJ Raio (Robert Weber)

Ecstatic dance with a tribal spirit! Ancestral rhythm meets global bass, inspiring
movement to ignite our hearts and awaken the love within. Raio carries decades
of experience as a dancer, percussionist, ceremonialist, and student­of­the­sacred
into every set he plays.

His passion for sharing music was first expressed as a high school radio and
dance­party DJ. In his late teens he began studying traditional African dance and
drumming, eventually making musical pilgrimages to Brazil, Cuba, Tanzania,
Columbia, and Burkina Faso. By his mid­twenties he was a lead drummer and
instructor for african dance classes in Northern California, when he also began
playing in Afro­beat bands.

Paralleling his journey into rhythm has been a journey into the shamanic­sacred.
Raio got called to the path of yoga and meditation in his early twenties, when he
also began vision­questing in the American Southwest and making pilgrimages to
the Andes and Amazon, working with traditional healers, participating in sacred
ceremonies, and traveling deep into the wilderness within.

For the last ten years he’s stewarded an eco­community in Bali, where the
Balinese culture of devotion has continually softened and opened his heart,
inspiring him to chant mantra as a personal practice and lead kirtan and sound
healing journeys for the community.

Uniting his love of tribal rhythms, sacred songs, and healing ceremony, Raio has
returned full circle to his DJ roots, bowing in service to the healing power of
communal ecstatic dance. Raio is a resident DJ for the legendary dances at the
Yoga Barn in Bali, where he also leads kirtans and sound healing journeys, and
produces music in a mystic jungle studio.

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Sunday, April 17

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